Upload Your Documents

Please upload your required tenant moorage documents on this page. You can upload in a variety of formats (.pdf, .jpg, .png, etc.). Be sure to include your contact information so we can ensure that you're credited with having uploaded your current proof of insurance, current proof of registration and current proof of ownership.


NOTICE TO ALL BRANDT’S LANDING MARINA TENANTS In response to the Covid-19 virus San Juan County has outlined the following recommendations for islanders returning from essential mainland travel, no matter the length of the trip: Follow the Governor’s order limiting all non-essential travel. Aggressive handwashing prior, during and following an allowed trip. A self-imposed 14-day quarantine after return to ensure COVID-19 containment. For more information please visit http://www.sjccovid.com The marina office is closed as directed by Governor Inslee and will remain closed until cleared to open. The Harbor Master is and will remain on site, monitoring the marina. All gates will remain accessible to current marina tenants. Hand sanitizers are at each gate, please use them.